September 2015

preschoolpress_September2015-1Click here or on the Preschool Press cover to download a PDF of the latest Burbank Parent Education Newsletter!

This month’s highlights include:

  • About Preschool Press & Class Reps
  • Our Board President & Director
  • Meet the Board Members
  • Spider Clean-up Day
  • Thursday Multi-Age Pictures
  • Tasty Recipes
  • Fun Craft
  • Infant 3s Pictures
  • GO GREEN with Mugs
  • Tips from the Teachers
  • Board Welcome Party Pictures
  • Tuesday 4s
  • Fun Stuff
  • Free Museums
  • Friday 4s
  • Submission Informations
  • September Calendar

If you have anything to contribute to the next Preschool Press, feel free to email our Preschool Press Editor!

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