Executive Board



The President presides at all meetings of the council and the board, and will have general supervision over the affairs of the council – must have served as a Board Member for one year.

~ Troy Titus-Barrow

Vice Presidents

This team organizes our fundraisers – one VP must have served as a Board Member for one year.

~ Bouvier Eulen and Amy Gleason

Preschool Press Editor

This position writes, produces, and distributes the Preschool Press.

~ Monica Dominguez

Recording Secretary

Takes minutes at all Board and Council Meetings.

~ Jenny Ewald

Membership Secretary

This person assembles a welcome packet, sets up Evite reminders, and keeps a list of all Council Representatives.

~ Annie Cross


Keeps track of the books, expenses and bills.

~ Sara McDermott


These positions set up catering for all Council Meetings and keep the coffee in discussion rooms stocked.

~ Jenny Ewald

Childcare Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating child care for Council Meetings.

~ Reina Lipe


These positions are in charge of publicity, the website, social media, and bulletin boards in discussion rooms.

~ Lydia Colaresi and Kelly Gee

Purchasing Coordinator

Buys toys and equipment for our classrooms.

~ Christina Longacre

Fall Festival – Boo Bash

This team organizes Boo Bash.

~ Casey Hasson and Ashley Williams


This position is responsible for coordinating the holiday visitor and puts together their choice of family fun events.

~ Bernadette Dorame

Spring Gala

These positions oversee the Gala committee and are in charge of our annual Gala Luncheon.

~ Troy Titus-Barrow and Aidess Domages

Spring Gala Baskets Coordinator

Part of the Gala committee, this person gathers all the donations for the Gala and heads the assembling of the baskets.

~ Jenny Ewald

Egg Hunt

~ Bernadette Dorame


Organizes the annual Clean Sweep day and Earthquake Supply check.

~ Liz Eaton

Spring Gala Donations Coordinator

These positions are part of the Gala committee and head the donation process for our Spring Gala.

~ Lacey Farris and Mackenzie Williford


This position helps the meetings run in an organized fashion and is responsible for setting up the nominations for the elections.

~ Liz Eaton

Community Services Liaison

Collects and delivers items from the blue Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC) bins and organizes the Christmas Baskets donated to BTAC.

~ This position is currently vacant.

Resource Teacher, Burbank Adult School

~ Christine Tutak

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