Parent Education Council

The Burbank Parent Education Council is made up of parent volunteers in the program who promote, support and strengthen the program in all ways possible.  The council is also a valuable channel of communication between class members, teachers, administrators, and the community. Our duties include:

  1. Raising and disbursing funds as deemed suitable for carrying on the various business of the council as it benefits the program. This includes purchasing needed educational materials.
  2. Publishing the Preschool Press.
  3. Providing loans to students so they can attend the program.
  4. Providing toys and equipment for the program through various fundraising activities.
  5. Providing educational programs for its members and the community.
  6. Participating in community projects such as holiday food and gift baskets for the needy.
  7. Sponsoring family events and activities such as Boo Bash and the Spring Festival.

Parents are either elected to various positions on the Executive Board, or they become Council Representatives. They help raise funds or host events throughout the year for the students and their families.

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