Parent Council FAQ

What is the Council’s Purpose–What Do They Do?

  1. Raises and disburses funds as deemed suitable for carrying on the various business of the Council as it benefits the program.
    1. This includes purchasing needed educational materials.
  2. Publishes the Preschool Press.
  3. Provides loans to students so they can attend the program.
  4. Serves the program by providing toys and equipment through various fund raising activities.
  5. Provides educational programs for its members and the community.
  6. Participates in certain community projects such as holiday food and gift baskets for the needy.
  7. Sponsors several family activities, including Boo Bash and the Spring Festival.

Who Are the Council Representatives?

Although every student enrolled in the program is a member of the council, two representatives and two alternates are chosen from each class in September.

What Do Council Representatives Do?

They and/or their alternatives attend all Council meetings and report back to their classes as a way of keeping everyone informed.  Also, they help support all Parent Education Council projects.  Although the representatives have a special responsibility, all class members are encouraged to attend the Council meetings.

When Does the Council Meet?

Meetings are usually held once a month throughout the school year in the Student Lounge from 12:30-2:30pm.  Free childcare is provided in nearby rooms for all those who make reservations ahead of time. No food will be permitted in the childcare room.  Our teacher aides and other adults provide excellent childcare.  Hospitality provides the council representatives a satisfying meal at every council meeting. Children should come already fed.

Who Provides the Leadership?

An Executive Board, made up of class members, is chosen annually.  This board meets monthly in the evening, and any class member is welcome to attend these meetings.  Please let a Board member know that you plan to attend, for your suggestions, ideas, and questions will always be helpful.

Why Should You Be Involved in Parent Council?

The Parent Education Council and their activities add an additional dimension to being part of this program.  You will connect even closer with other families and form lasting friendships for yourself and your children.  This is also a great way to get “warmed up” for being a part of the PTA (Parent Teacher Association), a program you will encounter at the public school level starting in Kindergarten.

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