Our Parent Board & Council

Meet Your Board & Council Reps!

The Parent Education Council (BPEC) is made up of parent volunteers in the program who promote, support and strengthen the program in all ways possible.  The council is also a valuable channel of communication between class members, teachers, administrators, and the community.

Parents are elected to various board positions and help raise funds or host events throughout the year for the students and their families.  If you would like to join the board or want to be a council representative, please come to one of the monthly Council Meetings.

2018-2019 Executive Board:


The President presides at all meetings of the council and the Board, and will have general supervision over the affairs of the Council – must have served as a Board Member for one year.

~ Troy Titus-Barrow

Vice Presidents

This team organizes our fundraisers – one VP must have served as a Board Member for one year.

~ Johana Schofield and Vanessa Tevault

Preschool Press Editors

This position writes, produces and distributes the Preschool Press.

~ Liz Eaton

Recording Secretary

Takes minutes at all Board and Council meetings.

~ Sara McDermott

Membership Secretary

This person assembles a welcome packet, sets up Evite reminders, and keeps a list of all Council representatives.

~ Jennifer Stanley


Keeps track of the books, expenses and bills.

~ Claudia Salazar


These positions set up catering for all Council Meetings and keep the coffee in discussion rooms stocked.

~ Tania Martenson

Childcare Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating child care for council meetings.

~ Reina Lipe


This person is in charge of Internet publicity, the bulletin boards, and is in charge of organizing Burbank on Parade.

~ Natalie Samarge

Purchasing Coordinator

Buys toys and equipment for our classrooms.

~ Farnaz Parvini

Fall Festival – Boo Bash

This team organizes Boo Bash.

~ Beth Alcala and Noe Lemus


This position is responsible for coordinating the holiday visitor and puts together their choice of Family Fun Events.

~ Bernadette Dorame

Spring Gala

This person oversees the Gala committee and is in charge of our annual Gala Luncheon.

~ Caroline Beliveau and Troy Titus-Barrow

Spring Gala Baskets Coordinator

Part of the Gala committee, this person gathers all the donations for the Gala and heads the assembling of the baskets.

~ Christina Longacre

PTA Liaison

Attends monthly PTA meetings and brings back any information that pertains to our group.

~ Karen Nesbitt


Organizes the annual Clean Sweep day and Earthquake Supply check.

~ Michelle Barrondo and Gina Epperson

Spring Gala Donations Coordinator

This position is part of the Gala committee and heads the donation process for our Spring Gala.

~ Bouvier Eulen and Amy Gleason


This position helps the meetings run in an organized fashion and is responsible for setting up the nominations for the elections.

~ Liz Eaton

Community Services Liaison

Collects and delivers items from the blue BTAC bins and organizes the Christmas Baskets donated to BTAC.

~ Faaraz Deyhim and Lara Thurber-Buchbinder

Egg Hunt

~ Monique Prue

Resource Teacher, Burbank Adult School

~ Christine Tutak

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