How to Update Spring/Fall Schedule

  1. Go to Pages on the left-hand, black sidebar and search for the schedule (i.e., Spring or Fall).
  2. Find the page you want to update in your search results and click on Edit.
  3. Edit the page by updating the dates, prices, etc.
  4. When you are finished with all of your updates, click on the blue Update/Publish button.
  5. Next, you will need to update the menus and make the current semester “live” and disable the former semester. To do that, first click on Pages/All Pages again and search for the former semester’s page and click on Quick Edit.
  6. Because the courses offered are often recycled year after year, it’s prudent to keep the page so you won’t have to re-type everything in the future. To do that, click on Status and change to Draft, then click on the Update button.
  7. Next, you will need to update the menus. On the black, left hand sidebar select Appearance / Menus.
  8. In the Pages box, click on Search and search for your page. Click on the box and then click on the Add to Menu button. WordPress will add that page to the bottom of the box on the left.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the menu interface. Click on the page you added and drag it into position. Note that the indentation shows the structure of how the site should be. So classes pages should all be indented under “Our Classes.”
  10. After your added page is in position, you will need to remove the page you made a “draft” (see step 6). Find the page, click on the little, right hand arrow at the top of the box to expand the box. Then click on “Remove.”
  11. To make your changes live to the internet, click on the Save Menu button at the top of the page.
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