Holiday Basket Program

For several years, the Burbank Parent Education Program has partnered with the Burbank Coordinating Council (BCC) to help Burbank families in need during the holiday season. The Holiday Basket Program supplies holiday baskets to over 550 families in Burbank, whose children are on the free or reduced-cost lunch programs in our schools. The BCC matches up needy families in our community with individuals, families, and organizations who are willing to adopt families by providing them with food for the holidays and gifts for their children.

To support the BCC with this great mission, each Parent Ed class adopts a family with the goal of providing holiday meals for approximately one week (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and gifts for each member of the family.

We highly encourage all Parent Ed students to participate in this program! Not only does it brighten a family’s day, but it also gives us the chance to model compassion, generosity, and empathy for our children. We also encourage class members to deliver their baskets to the family – many choose to bring their children along so they can witness the joy and happiness that their donations bring to each family and learn important lessons about giving and gratitude.

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