Walk with the BPEC Warriors to FIGHT Cancer!

PLEASE JOIN the BPEC WARRIORS in the FIGHT against CANCER on May 14th and 15th 2016

BPEC is taking part in the Relay for Life walk at Robert Gross Park. As a TEAM we need to walk for 24hrs. The aim is to have at least one person from our team WALKING. SO….. if you only want to walk an hour YOU CAN, if you want to walk for 6 hours YOU CAN! and if you want to walk for 24 hours YOU CAN!!! We NEED at least 24 people on our team so we can assign everyone an hour! UNFORTUNATELY….2am and 3am have already been filled.

All we ask is that each member of the team raise $100. BUT if you can’t, please donate what you can. WALK, JOIN, WALK, JOIN. Let’s make every lap count. We have all been touched by this destructive disease let’s help to eradicate it!


relay.acsevents.org (search for BPEC Warriors)

We ordering T-shirts for the team, they will cost $10. Please email Troy or Lara if you would like to purchase one and in what size.


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