Holiday Baskets Information

efebb799011b4f37f7e69eefd8d670cb.jpgTo our Burbank Parent Ed classmates-

First off, thank you for signing up to donate to our Adopt-A-Family Holiday Basket program. The goal of the holiday basket program is to provide:

  1. Holiday Meals for one full day – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and
  2. Gifts for each member of the adopted families.

Other guidelines:

  • The following food sign-up slots are for suggested items. Feel free to choose other items as you wish. Simply enter the item name in the comments section.
  • Please, no unlabeled, dented or broken packages or cans. No frozen or refrigerated food. Gift cards/certificates are preferred, because the family may not have a refrigerator.
  • Toys/Clothing- Toys and/or clothing must be new.
  • Basket requirements – “Baskets” are boxes of manageable size (30 lbs. or less) marked with the family code and number of boxes. (Example family number 145A Box 1 of 3) All packages must be marked, indicating the family code on each package, as well as gender and age of the recipient, if applicable. Examples: 145A Boy Age 7, 145A Male Adult.
  • No trees please.
  • Gift cards/certificates should be placed in an envelope and marked with the family code, and please alert us if your basket(s) includes a gift card/certificate. Gift cards are like cash. Please give gift cards to Linda Matsumoto or your teacher, or drop off the labeled envelopes to the main office to put in Linda’s mailbox.

Please have your baskets (boxes) and basket items dropped off to Burbank Adult School Room E501, or your class’s discussion room, no later than 2:00 PM, Friday, December 11, 2015. We will be delivering the baskets to the families the following morning. If you or your class want to deliver the basket(s) personally, please contact Lara for additional information.

Many thanks,

Lara Buchbinder
(323) 854-4264

Gift Ideas

  • Adult Males: Sweatshirts, Cologne Sets, Gift Certificates
  • Adult Females: Bath Sets, Sweatshirts, Cosmetics, Gift Certificates
  • Teenage Children: T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Movie Passes, Cosmetics, Gift Certificates (mall, Target, etc.)
  • Young Children: Toys, Games, Stuffed Animals, Books, Gift Certificates

Find Your Class’ Family

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