FREE Two-Day Workshop Added: I.E.P.s and 123s

We have added a FREE two-day workshop mid-semester and hope you’ll attend if appropriate for you and your child:

I.E.P.s and 123s

Saturdays, November 8th and 15th

  • Open discussion for parents and caregivers (i.e. mental, physical and spiritual support, resources available, understanding *IEP’s (Individual Education Plan), etc.)
  • Share your experiences and ask questions in a safe and non-threatening environment.
  • Get the support you need for you and your child.
  • Child care is provided by people trained to work with your children. $5.00 per child or $7.00 for multiple siblings.
  • Sponsored by the Burbank Adult School and Fittin’ It In, Inc. a non profit organization dedicated to “Helping those that help others fit wellness into their own lives.”

Should you have questions, visit the Fittin’ It In, Inc. website or call LeeAnne Matusek 213-247-5893 or Sandi Shearer 818-288-5503

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